International delivery

International Delivery

In the modern world, international delivery is something that we consider normal. From businesses that can order materials and parts from the other side of the world to an individual customer, at home on the internet, who can order goods sold by a trade thousands of miles away, international delivery is a key force for business which we all rely on.
But did you realise that international delivery is a modern concept. For thousands of years, tradesmen dealt with local customers and local suppliers, rarely working beyond the distance they could travel in a day. International delivery would have seemed as strange to the average person as the idea of trading with another planet would seem today!
For example, in Medieval England most tradesmen sourced their supplies in local villages and would only travel as far as the next town to trade. Whilst some traders would make voyages to bring goods and supplies from other parts of the world, this was a small fraction of the trade that existed. Certainly, this was no international delivery option! For one thing, trade abroad was dangerous and costly, with long journeys to be made by sea and land which could result in great riches, but just as easily, death or financial disaster.
This changed in the early modern period. Under Queen Elizabeth I, British sailors began to expand their international trade routes and build links between different parts of the world. With time, the British Empire developed, and Britain’s economy became dependent on international shipments of food and supplies. But even then, this was hardly the international delivery we might have in mind. This was large scale international shipments of goods, which could be sold at local markets and handled by local businesses.
Despite changing technologies and the development of lorries and container ships, international delivery did not really develop until the advent of the internet. The internet has done more to change international trade than any other technology in human history! Instead of shipping huge quantities overseas to be sold in local markets, sellers can deal directly over stretches of thousands of miles. Sales can be huge, dealing in many thousands of tonnes of materials, or tiny, even to the point of shipping one small part thousands of miles.
Whether your business is buying or selling, international delivery is important for dealing with the suppliers and customers you have, and the new ones you want to reach. Your ability to get the materials you need and to deliver your products to your customers is fundamental to building a successful customer base and growing your business.
Therefore, for international delivery, you can trust our expertise at A & S Express Couriers. Whether you need a courier delivery within the UK, help with an import, or fast and reliable international delivery options across Europe and the rest of the world, we are the professionals who can help. We can take all the stress out of international delivery so that you can focus on what you do best. For more information, contact our team today.

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